Stationary Cocktail

Assorted Fancy Finger Sandwiches
Smoked Salmon, Beef Tenderloin, Cucumber, Ham & Brie – 6 pieces per person

Assorted Dips & Crackers
Blue Cheese dip, Tapenade served with assorted crackers

A selection of garden vegetables served with ranch dip

Tarragon Devilled Eggs – 2 pieces per person

Boursin stuffed Cherry Tomatoes – 2 pieces per person

Mini Quiche Quiche Lorraine & Spinach – 2 pieces per person

Chicken Satay
Served with Plum Dip – 2 pieces per person

Melon wrapped with Prosciutto – 1 piece per person

$30.00 per person*

*Prices do not include applicable taxes, staffing, rentals or 15% gratuity

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